Thursday, August 6, 2009

Worm Composting

As of July 14th, St. Francis has begun the process of worm composting thanks to our Food and Nutrition Director, Paul Manuel.

"Within about a month I expect that we will be composting 10 pounds of vegetable trim waste per day. The compost material will be added back into our garden plots to further enrich our growing material. In addition, we will be adding worms to our garden plots as they mature and multiply which will also improve our soil conditioning. Once the plots are filled with the compost material, our goal would be to bag up this material and sell it to the community as an income source for the community garden project." - Paul Manuel

With this exciting news, opens the door for education in the community. Beginning mid-September, St. Francis will host our first group of children from the community to learn about nutrition in the garden, worm composting and germination.

Please check out Paul's demonstration at the following link:

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