Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Work with Major Progress

Much progress has been made since LG 35 adopted the Community Garden Project from St. Francis. The group of over 20 decided to separate into 4 subgroups: a master planning group, a community partnership group, a gardening expertise group and a fundraising group.

All groups have been working dilligently. Specifically, the master planning group was able to meet several times to gather information to develop a conceptual plan. Thanks to the creativity and expertise of Hillary Andren of Pazdan-Smith Group Architects, below is the exciting product.

In addition to this spectacular conceptual plan, the community partnerships group was able to hold a community meeting on the evening of Novemebr 11th to draw key stakeholders from the community to the project. Although few were able to attend, a lot of valuable feedback was collected on what a positive aspect this garden would bring to the community. Attendees also expressed their concerns and were helpful in suggesting methods for reaching out to their communities.

A timeline has been established and barring everything goes well, a groundbreaking is planned for February 7th with a subsequent "planting day" slated around April 20th to commemorate Earth Day.

The next meeting of the "masses" has been scheduled for November 20th at Pazdan-Smith.