Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Farewell Leadership Greenville, Class 35

Leadership Greenville was pivotal in the development of this community garden project: an idea that was born over 2 years ago. Thank you guys for believing in this project and being so passionate about making it happen. Each of you brought your own set of skills, expertise and resolve to this project to make it come to fruition. On behalf of Bon Secours St. Francis and the Community Ministries department, we thank you for your dedication to this project over the past 9 months. We are grateful for your hard work and thankful for the friendships we have developed along the way. Tonight you will graduate and leave this project behind; nevertheless, each of you will forever be "rooted" in its success. Congratulations LG35!

(Picture to follow)

Rain, Rain - Don't Go Away!

This past Saturday was a community workday in the garden, and God was blessing our garden with lots of rain. Although it was very wet, we had some enthusiastic plot owners come and tend to their plots despite the sprinkles (namely, Sylvia and her two sweet girls - LaSamrae and Adrianna). We even have some produce growing! As you can see below - Adrianna was very proud of her radishes springing up so soon! Thanks for helping me weed girls!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

First Planting Day - April 25th

To me, the first planting day on May 2nd was more than a success, it was a milestone....a great story for 60 Minutes. The planting day began at 9:00, but some community memebers were so eager to begin planting, that they showed up early. We had a huge turnout - lots of community members representing churches, recreation centers or just interested residents (and their children!). Several Leadership Greenville Class 35 memebrs came out along with the Food and Nutrition, Facilites and Mission Services departments from St. Francis. People represented different backgrounds, ages, races - but were all there for a common purpose - to plant the Earth. The weather was beautiful, everyone was in a great mood and the garden is now full of herbs, flowers and vegetables. A poetic day if you ask me....