Friday, March 30, 2012

Share your stories and recipes with us!

The St. Francis AgriCulture Exchange is looking for recipes, cooking and gardening tips, and short stories/vignettes that have inspired you, your family and/or your health.  

Remember, you may not have a recipe, but a story from your Mom in the kitchen, your Grandfather in the garden, a funny joke about gardening/health/eating, an experience with food/cooking, a shortcut in the kitchen or garden, or a lifestyle change that has improved your overall health….we want to hear about it! 

The Exchange plans to collect submissions and create an inspiring anthology, giving recognition to contributors.  The book will be sold to the public with all proceeds going to the St. Francis Community Garden.  Specific guidelines for recipe submissions are below:

  1. Must be an original recipe (not from a cookbook or from the internet).
  2. Recipe should not contain ingredients from processed sources (i.e. canned soup, canned biscuits, boxed crackers and cookies).
  3. Recipe should incorporate at least one fruit, one vegetable, or one herb (i.e. berry banana smoothie, tomato pie, ginger marinated Portobello mushrooms, savory sage chicken).

Submissions are due by April 5th, 2012. Though we may not be able to incorporate all entries, we truly appreciate every submission in support of the Community Garden!  For more information, please contact Natalie Dougherty at 255.1326.